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Dr Neeraj Arora

Dr. Neeraj Arora - Jr Pediatrics Specialist & Incharge CHC Karanpur

Dr. Neeraj Arora is Jr. Specialist in Pediatrics and In-charge. He specializes in being a pediatrician. 


He is a person with great leadership ability, under his guidance, CHC got a Kayakalp award in Rajasthan.

NQAS Certificate

LAQSHYA Certificate

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Sr Medical Officer - Dr Mahesh Gupta

Skin & V.D. - Dr Jaskaran Singh

Dental - Dr Rajeev Sidana

Annual Reports of BioMedical Waste Jan 2021 to Dec 21

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Test Performed in Govt Hospital

BT Test- Bleeding time
Blood Urea Test
Blood Group Test
Blood Sugar (F) R Test
Blood Sugar (PP) Test
CBC Test
CT- Cloting time Test
DLC Test - Differential Leukocyte Count
ESR Test
Packed Cell Volume
HIV Test
HB Test
MP Slide Test
Serum Albumin
Serum Alk Phosphates
Serum Hdl
Serum Billirubin (D)
Serum Total Cholesterol
Serum Billirubin (T)
Serume Total Protien
Serum Creatinine
Serum Triglyceride
Serum Vldl
Total Red Blood Cell Count
Sputem For Afb
Urine Complite (Alb Sugar)
Stool For Ova & Cyst
Urine Complite By Strip
Urine Microscopy
Urine Pregnency Test
Widal Slide Test
Chargeble Test - Mp Card
Community Health Center Karanpur Ganganagar

Community health center Karanpur Ganganagar
Doing good work in Kayakalp and NQAS.
Great leadership with great team work.

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